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  • Sell your car online for free

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  • Lisa London

    Ford Fiesta - I got a very good response to my advert. I received 8 calls and sold my car on the 3rd day. Looking to using Cardeck again.

  • Anna Brighton, East Sussex

    BMW M3 - It was brilliant. I would definitely use Cardeck again as I sold my car in couple of days. And great point is that it is free to use.

  • Paul Edinburg, Scotland

    Vauxhall Insignia - Good. I have listed my Vauxhall Insignia (automatic) on Sunday and sold it right away on Wednesday.

  • Nick Guildford, Surrey

    Porsche Cayenne - Excellent responses to my car advert! Have placed the advert in the morning and sold my 2005 Cayenne same day!

  • McEwan Birmingham, West Midlands

    VW Polo - I have placed my VW Polo and sold it next day. I had 3 calls and 4 emails from buyers in total. Very pleased with the whole process.

  • Laura Inverness, Scotland

    Hyundai Sonata - The night I put my car on a guy rang me, met me the next day, and he bought the car.

Car selling explained

Are you a private seller looking to sell your car? You need look no further than, which really is the perfect place to sell your car. With over 1,000,000 unique visitors each month to the site and the fact you can list your car absolutely FREE of charge, there really is no excuse not to.

At we believe in a simple and transparent service. We offer all private sellers the ability to list their car for sale for free with no hidden extras. We also allow unlimited high quality picture uploads to make your car shine, and give prospective buyers the full picture! Adverts really are simple to make and won't take much time at all. When selling a car you need to get it out there to as many potential buyers as possible. Utilising all the free options available to you should help you to net a quick sale for the price you want. We have put together a little guide to help your car sell for the best possible price.

What's my car worth?

Everyone has a different idea of their cars worth. Some may undervalue it while others over value it as it's been their pride and joy. The best way to get an idea of its value is to check out its CAP valuation. It's quick and easy to do online by entering a few details. The CAP website gives an industry standard valuation for your make, model and trim level of vehicle based on its mileage. Condition will obviously affect the price that can be achieved. Also check out how much similar cars are selling for to get a feel for the market you can do this online quickly and easily.

How can I unlock more value in my car?

The used car market is extremely competitive, you need to make your car stand shoulders above the rest. Start by cleaning it, people like to think they are buying a car that has been well looked after and maintained. Neglected cars tend to end up costing the buyer more money later down the line, therefore advertising a car with photos of it looking dirty and unloved aren't going to help shift it. Car washes are fairly cheap these days if you don't have the time or space to clean it yourself. Make sure the interior is also cleaned, all junk removed. Wipe all the plastics and the visors as these attract dirt and dust easily and then vacuum the inside thoroughly including the boot. It also helps to remove stains from the seats if there are any. This can be achieved with a carpet and upholstery cleaner. Alternatively a full valet may be a good option.

Once the car is clean, take a look at any areas that could be improved:

Cars with bare steel wheels are not attractive. A very quick, cheap and simple fix with replacements available for around £15-£20, tie on with cable ties.

An air freshener can make the car smell clean and fresh and will only cost a couple of quid.

If the carpets look worn, matts can be picked up very cheaply and will make the inside look miles better instantly.

Check all lights are working, bulbs are quick and cheap to replace. Lights that are out make the car look like it hasn't been well maintained.

Check the fluid and oil levels to avoid embarrassment when potential buyers check.

Touch up any minor chips or scratches. (DO NOT attempt this if you have little patience though, as you could make it look worse)

Use a back to black spray to refresh any tired looking black trim.

Now that your car is looking its best, it's time to take some pictures, to show potential buyers the full package. Below are our top tips for making the most of your images:

Take photos in daylight on a nice sunny day. Try to avoid dimly lit situations and definitely don't take images in the rain.

Take pictures of all angles. Get a front on picture, rear end, side and from an angle. Also take pictures of the interior. Remember allow you to upload unlimited images so capture everything to give buyers all the information they need to arrange a viewing.

Take pictures of key selling points such as the mileage, history documents and receipts etc.

Take pictures of any imperfections to show you are an honest seller.

Time to set the price

Now you have made your car all that it can be, you need to assess its true condition. To be immaculate it will need to be very well maintained with history and in very good condition both mechanically and cosmetically. Good condition cars will have history and some very minor wear to them, but be in generally great condition. Average cars will show signs of use they may have some minor chips and dings. Poor condition cars will be those that show multiple cosmetic damage and/or mechanical problems.

Price your car accordingly with the research you gathered from similar cars for sale and the CAP data. Remember that everyone loves a bargain, so leave some room for haggling in the asking price so that the buyer feels they got a good deal while you didn't lose too much of the true amount you wanted.

How to stay safe

Avoid scams and dangerous situations, by only meeting potential buyers at your address. DO NOT go to some remote location to meet them, when you arrange the viewing on the phone take a name, and contact number for them in case anything unexpected happens, this will deter the scammers but genuine buyers shouldn't mind giving you some details. If they want a test drive make sure they have a valid licence and are insured beforehand, only hand over the keys once you are sat in the passenger seat. Never leave the keys unattended. Finally, only accept cash for the car. If the buyer insists on paying via bank transfer or bankers draft ensure the funds have cleared before you hand over the keys to the car. Cash is the safest way, as long as you count it and check its not counterfeit.

Finalising the deal

Once you have a buyer the final stage is to complete the paperwork. It is the seller's responsibility to return the V5C document. Fill in the buyers details and get them to sign it. Give them the relevant section to keep and produce a receipt for them with the cars details on it including make, model, colour, engine size, registration number and mileage along with the words 'Sold As Seen” which do not affect the buyer's rights. Hand over any history, such as service booklet, receipts, the owners manual, the green slip from the V5C and the keys. The sale is now complete!

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