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We believe that we are changing the future of selling and buying cars in UK. We are building an all-in-one motoring portal which helps millions of people to buy cars, sell cars, read latest car reviews and test drives, check motoring news and rumours, exchange opinions, ask for driving tips and advices and getting those questions answered.

Our office is based near Gatwick airport, just 29 minutes from central London and we are a team of experienced software engineers, advertisement and business development specialists and people who get things done in best possible way. We have created a work environment where we are all excited to be every day, create amazing things and spend time with awesome people just like us.

  • Great environment

    We have built flexible and amazing environment where you can
    have just a perfect balance between work and life.

  • Personal Apple Gear

    Enjoy using Macbook Pros and Apple 27 cinema displays, we
    want you to be happy productive.

  • Health and wellness

    We offer free gym memberships to help you stay vibrant and
    fresh. Love your work but don't neglect yourself.

  • Food and drink

    Enjoy organic and healthy team lunches, team beer evenings,
    pubs and team parties.

  • Work from anywhere

    Who says you need to move or work strictly 9am-6pm? We
    believe in getting things done no matter where you are.

  • Learn & grow

    Learning is a lifestyle. We want you to stay fresh and up to date
    on the trends and technologies in our industry.

Sales manager

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We are looking for an ambitious and competitive person who is willing to work hard and build a successful career in technology and sales. You will develop and maintain relationships with franchised, independent car dealers and car supermarkets and assist them in their stock integration to

You will need to demonstrate the following qualities

Over a year of proven sales and account development experience in technology and B2B

Excellent understanding of the online jobs/classifieds market

Willingness to work hard and do what It takes to make sales

Great communication skills, ability to build trust over the phone

Exceptional writing, speaking and listening skills

Excitement to work for a fast-growing British company